Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Short Film Storyboards

I storyboarded a short film called 'A Stitch in Time'. I'll hopefully post a link to the film at some point...

Monday, 4 August 2008

Music Video Animation Backgrounds

Some more stuff from the cancelled music video. Backgrounds from the exterior and interior of a spooky old house:

Music Video Storyboard

These are storyboards done for a music video which was cancelled due to the band splitting up:

WIP: Jazz

A friend asked me to draw the Transformer 'Jazz' for his son. This is where I'm at so far:

I need to add numerous bits of detail, tidy it up a lot, and hopefully make it feel a bit dangerous. There may also be missiles shooting down in the background. I will post the final picture at some point...

Robotic Life

Some Robots:

Star Wars


I find creatures, monsters, and aliens really interesting to draw and to look at. Here are a few from the last year or so...

This is (obviously!) based on HR Giger's creature design for the film 'Alien'. Drawn in Photoshop:
The larger Dinosaur is either a caring mother or a predator... Or maybe both. Drawn in Photoshop:

Drawn in Photoshop:

This began as a biro sketch, and was coloured in Photoshop:I wanted to create a simple-looking blob-like character in Photoshop. I fancy making an animated version of this chap one day:

This little chap was drawn in Photoshop:

Biro, coloured in Photoshop:
These two are designs from a cancelled music video:


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